About Me

meHi, Welcome to my site. My names John Bennett, I’m a retired journalist and an active blogger and I’ve been able to travel the world whilst doing what I love and for that, I’m eternally grateful, how could I not be?? In my¬†time as well as travelling to some of the less desirable places such as Iran, Seria and South Africa during the troubles, I’ve also been blessed to be able to work all over America, Asia and Europe. Although every place has been fundamentally¬†different and though it may sound a cliche, each has its own beauty and each has installed in me the way I see the world, which I’m not saying is better than anyone else’s way or view, simply that it is mine and I’m proud of it

Today I have a few old clients that demand my talents and due to our history I have not been able to ‘shake them off’ but what I really like to do is to write content for sites and topics I like for free as it lets me do the writing I love on the subjects I choose. Retirement is great and I get to enjoy time with my wife, children and grandchildren – however as any writer will tell you (any that’s worth their salt). That you write for the love and not the money, so whilst my kids and grandchildren are not around and getting on with their lives I know like to write content for the love, to help ease my mind.

Best Field Journalist Award 1991

Way back in 1991 whilst reporting on the Gulf War in Iraq I was so pleased to be recognised with this national award. The category was for journalists working for the written press and this was during my time with the Edinburgh Evening News. I wasn’t working with the EEN for long however I made some great friends there, some of which I still speak to until this day